Chief Todd A. Faulkner

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Chief Faulkner has been in the public safety field as well as the emergency medical field for the past 25 years.  He has received numerous certifications in the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services field.  Chief Faulkner has provided basic and advanced level training’s to thousands of law enforcement officers in the field of use of force, child abuse investigations, computer crime investigations, computer forensics, and electronic control weapons.  He has spoken at numerous law enforcement conferences through the country.

Chief Faulkner is a member of the NH Chiefs of Police Association and previous sat as a member of the Executive Board, International Association of Chief’s of Police, National Association of Chief’s of Police, and FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association.

Chief Faulkner specializes in the field of Child Sexual and Physical Abuse investigations and has investigated hundreds of cases involving these horrific crimes.  He is a recognized computer forensic expert and is a current member of the NH Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force as a computer forensic analyst and investigator.  Chief Faulkner has been recognized as a computer and mobile device forensic expert in both federal and state courts.  Chief Faulkner is a sworn special deputy with the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department and a certified federal Homeland Security Investigations Title 19 Task Force Officer.

Chief Faulkner is a computer forensics instructor and has trained multiple officers and civilians, throughout the world, in the field of computer and mobile forensics.

Chief Faulkner is a former Senior Master Instructor for TASER International and has instructed over 4000 students from around the world and has provided instruction internationally.  He is a former member on the TASER International Training Advisory Board.

Chief Faulkner has been qualified as a TASER, Use of Force, Sex Assault Investigations and police procedures expert in several states and several US District Courts. He has successfully testified and written numerous reports for officers, in their defense, as well as assisting in the successful prosecution in criminal cases involving TASER CEWs, computer crimes, and sexual assault criminal investigation within several states.