Officer David Eldridge

Lieutenant David A. Eldridge

Officer Eldridge grew up in Brattleboro, VT. and attended schools in Windham County. He graduated from the Brattleboro Union High School in 1985.

Officer Eldridge started his career in law enforcement with the Brattleboro Police Department in late 1985. He graduated from the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council 48th Basic in May 1988. Over the course of the past 30 years, He previously held the position of Detective for several years with the Chesterfield Police Department. Currently he is a certified Firearms Instructor through the Police Standards and Training Council and the Hinsdale Police Department’s lead firearms instructor.

Officer Eldridge holds numerous certifications and specializes in felony crime investigations. He is the Hinsdale Police Department’s court liaison to the Cheshire County Attorney’s Office and is in charge of ensuring all cases generated by the department are reviewed and prepared for the judicial process.