Animal Control

Hinsdale Animal Control Officer Hours

The Hinsdale Animal Control Officer works a part time schedule and can be reached at 603-336-5723 X195.  Please leave a message and she will contact you during her scheduled seasonal hours. If you need immediate assistance, please call 603-336-7766 or 911.

Spring (March, April & May)

Monday mornings

Tuesday through Thursday afternoons

Friday off

Summer (June, July & August)

Monday mornings

Tuesday afternoons

Wednesday evenings

Thursday afternoons

Friday evenings

Fall (September, October & November)

Monday morning

Tuesday through Friday afternoon

Winter (December, January & February)

Monday through Thursday afternoon

Friday off

Duties of the Animal Control Officer

To enforce State Laws and local Ordinances pertaining to the control and welfare of domestic, farm and exotic animals.

New Hampshire State Laws

Town of Hinsdale Animal Control Ordinances

Hinsdale Town Animal Control Ordinaces

What do I do if I’m bitten by a domestic, exotic or wild animal?

Wash and clean the wound area thoroughly and contact your physician immediately! If your physician is not available, go to the nearest emergency room for treatment.

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Brattleboro Urgent Care

Contact the Hinsdale police Department 603-336-5723 or 911 to begin to locate the animal to either quarantine or bring to the State Lab for rabies testing.

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse can present itself many different forms, physical abuse, not having adequate shelter, depriving the animal of food, water or medical treatment is illegal.  Not all types of dogs can be left out in New England weather. If you suspect animal abuse, please give a detailed description of the abuse and the address or location of the animal. When in doubt call or email 603-336-5723 X195 or

There is no obligation to leave your name and address, but it is helpful.

Is it illegal for someone to leave the scene, without reporting to a Law Enforcement Agency that they have hit a domestic dog?
It is a misdemeanor if the person leaves the scene after hitting a dog and the person responsible could be arrested. If your pet is hit by a car, bring it immediately to the nearest veterinary hospital

Animal Fitness 603-256-6282

Gateway Veterinary Clinic 802-254-7387

VCA Windham Veterinary Hospital 802-254-9412

Brattleboro Veterinary Clinic 802-254-8140

Vt NH Veterinary Clinic 802-254-5422

Cheshire Animal Hospital 603-352-8585

Court Street Veterinary Hospital 603-357-2455

Lost Animal?

Call the Hinsdale Police Department to report a lost or missing animal 603-336-5723 X195 for Animal Control for assistance. Call Monadnock Regional Humane Society 603-352-9011 ( ), area veterinary hospitals and local radio stations. It is also helpful to put information on social media. If the animal is not found within a reasonable amount of time, start making flyers containing the following information; a photo, breed, color, gender, size, identification tags (microchip, rabies and/ or license tags) any distinguishing features (scars or marks) and your contact information. Then distribute copies at local veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, area businesses and local residences.

Found Animal?

Call the Hinsdale Police Department to report a found animal 603*336*5723 X195 for Animal Control for assistance. A found animal will be checked for a microchip, collar and tags to help locate the proper owner. A picture might be displayed on social media to help the search for the owner. If the owner is not located within a reasonable amount of time, the animal will be brought to Monadnock Regional Humane Society 603*352*9011.

NH Animal Population Control for Low Income Families


If you have questions or concerns pertaining to hunting rules and regulations in the State of N.H., please visit the N.H. Fish and Game Department’s web site at for information. They can also be reached by phone at (603) 271-3421.

Reports of dead birds are taken via a toll-free West Nile virus and EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) information line, 1-866-273-NILE (6453). Information regarding dead bird handling and submitting dead birds for testing is available at:


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