Officer Joshua Moore

Officer Moore began the pursuit of a Law Enforcement Career in his late 20’s. He spent most of his youth traveling throughout the Northwest, with experience ranging from retail to construction, to the service industry where he found himself working behind a bar of many high-end establishments, both as a manager and a bartender. He worked as a Wildland Firefighter for Salt Lake Helitack in the desert of Utah, as well as an Emergency Preparedness and CS Infection Disease Investigation expert in New Hampshire.
He has experienced the many highs and lows of life interacting with nearly every type of human/personality imaginable. He takes working with the public very seriously,  aspiring to make Policing what it should be, a community-oriented profession, where we help people, and truly “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He believes in respect above all else. He holds degrees in both Fire Science and Public Health and believes prevention is often overlooked and undervalued, both when it comes to Policing and when it comes to Health and Wellness.

He is a proud to be a member of the Hinsdale Police Department and is excited to see what positive changes he can be a part of.  “I am confident in saying that like everyone of my colleagues I truly want to make a difference in this community. I saw a change was needed, and instead of sit back, criticize and critique, I figured, I’ll just do it myself.”

Badge #187