VIN Verification Requests

VIN Verification

New Hampshire Department of Safety Administrative Rule Saf-c 1904.04 Verification of Vehicle Identification Number requires that a verification of vehicle identification number (VIN), form TDMV 19A, shall be completed when there is no previous New Hampshire or out-of-state title furnished to the bureau. Form TDMV 19A shall be completed by a licensed New Hampshire dealer, other than a bonded dealer, an authorized New Hampshire inspection station or any New Hampshire law enforcement officer, after a physical examination of the vehicle.The Hinsdale Police Department does offer VIN Verifications for Hinsdale residents. We do NOT complete out of state VIN verification forms.  Person’s having out of state VIN Verification forms are requested to have these completed at your local inspection station or by the local law enforcement agency in the state of purchase.To request an appointment for a VIN Verification, please call (603) 336-7766. You will need to have a State of New Hampshire Verification of Vehicle Identification form (TDMV 19A), bill of sale and picture ID at the time of your appointment.You can obtain a VIN Verification form from the Hinsdale Town Clerk or  NH VIN Form.

Medical/Mental Health/Disabilities/Vital Information Assistance

In an effort to better serve the community the Hinsdale Police Department has established a program that allows any citizen to provide information regarding themselves or a loved one so that we can be better prepared to assist in the event of an emergency or effectively deal with a person that may be suffering from a mental health or medical condition.  It is our mission to provide the best possible service to our community and we can only do so with your help. 

If you have someone that has special needs I encourage you to complete a Medical/Mental Health/Registration Form Form.  This information is confidential, but will be entered into our database system as an alert that can be relayed to a responding officer(s). 

As you will see this form is detailed and provides us with specific information to best understand and respond accordingly to a situation.  We will also utilize this information in the event of a long term power outage or disaster so that we can send appropriate services to check on your or your loved one. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Chief Melissa Evans

Requests for Reports


If you need a copy of a report that the Hinsdale Police Department has generated you must completed the Hinsdale Police Department Records Request Form 2017.  This form may be dropped of to the police department at any time however; all requests will be reviewed by the Officer Manager and potentially by the Chief of Police.  The requests for reports are subject to RSA 91-A and may be denied based on certain criteria.  If your request is denied you will be notified in writing of this denial and the reason why.

If you are a defendant or attorney, and are requesting discovery for a pending case you MUST file your request with the Cheshire County Attorney’s Office.  This office can be reached at 603-352-0056.


House/Property Check Requests

Coming Soon

Pistol Permits

Pistol/Revolver Permit Applications

If you are a citizen of the town of Hinsdale, NH you can apply for a NH State Resident concealed carry permit through the Hinsdale Police Department.  Simply download the State of NH DSSP 85 from Resident Pistol Permit Application or stop by the Hinsdale Police Department for a hard copy. 

Once you have completed the form please return it to the on duty dispatcher.  Do not date the form and please make sure all sections are completed.  We must have three reference listed on the form with complete mailing addresses.  Officers are not allowed to take your form and they must be processed by the on-duty dispatcher to ensure completeness. 

The Hinsdale Police Department has 2 weeks to process your application which will include a full background check.  If your application is denied by the Chief of Police you will be notified in writing.  If you dispute the Chief’s decision you can schedule an appointment with him to discuss his decision or file for a hearing with the 8th Circuit Court District of Keene as allowed pursuant to RSA 159:6-c. 

Anyone that applies for a concealed carried permit is asked to check back with the department after 14 days to see if your application has been approved.  You will not receive notification your permit is completed and it is your responsibility to check with the department.  If your permit is approved you will be charged a $10.00 fee at the time you pickup your permit.  If your permit is denied there will be no fee charged to you. 

Out of State residents must apply directly through the State of NH and we cannot accept your application.





The Hinsdale Police Department ONLY completes fingerprints for Hinsdale residents and employers within the Town of Hinsdale.  There is currently no fee charged for this service.  Applicants must call and make an appointment at (603) 336-7766.  The Hinsdale Police Department completes “inked” fingerprints. Please check with your employer to see if this is still an acceptable means of fingerprinting.Please bring the fingerprint card provided to you by your employer and a valid picture ID.

Bad Check Assistance


If you are victim of a Fraud through the receipt of a bad check the Hinsdale Police Department may be able to assist you.  Under NH RSA 638:4 the issuance of a bad check may be criminal Http:// and the issuers could be charged criminally and ordered to pay restitution to you.

If you would like the Hinsdale Police Department to review your case for potential criminal investigation of a bad check case, you must complete the Hinsdale Police Department Bad Check Packet.  Once this is completed, in full, please bring it to the Hinsdale Police Department at 10 Main Street Hinsdale, NH 03451.  The detective supervisor will review your packet and an officer or detective will be in contact with you regarding your complaint.

Should you have any questions during the completion of your bad check packet please do not hesitate to call the Hinsdale Police Department at 603-336-7766.


Thank you,

Chief Melissa Evans

Prescription Drugs


In 2013 the Hinsdale Police Department established a prescription drug disposal box for the safe and anonymous disposal of medications.  You can access this box during business hours and do not need to provide any information about yourself or the medications that you are disposing of.  All medications are collected and destroyed by the Hinsdale Police Department at no cost to the community and with no restrictions on providing personal information.  There are limitations on what can be disposed and items that cannot be placed in our prescription box include;

1. Needles, syringes, or lancets
2. Thermometers, batteries or other products which contain mercury or cadmium.
3. Medical waste items such as IV bags, used bandages, gowns, or biohazardous items.
4. Aerosol cans
5. Hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectants
6. Personal care products (non-medicated shampoo, sunscreen, etc)

For more information please visit the Monadnock Voices for Prevention MVP or the US Department of Justice USDOJ.  You can also obtain valuable information from How to Dispose of Unused Medicines

Fraud Assistance


Identity crime is the fastest growing and most serious economic crime in the United States.  Although identity crime presents unique challenges, law enforcement agencies have an ethical and professional obligation to assist identity crime victims and bring criminals to justice.  This Hinsdale Police Department will take the following measures in response to the report of an identity crime:

1) A case file will be generated and the criminal complaint recorded;

2) You will be provide with necessary information to help restore their pre-crime status.  This webpage is a large part of this information;

3) A copy of the recorded police report will be provide to victims as required by federal law;

4) If possible we will work with other federal, state, and local law enforcement and reporting agencies as well as financial institutions to solve identity crime cases reported to us;


Identity Crime: The fraudulent use of another person’s identifying information—such as credit card, social security, or driver’s license numbers—with the intent to facilitate other criminal activities or to obtain credit, goods, or services without the victim’s consent.  No financial loss is necessary.

Identity Theft Report: A police report that contains specific details of an identity crime is considered an identity theft report under section 605B of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Read more of this post