Prescription Drugs


In 2013 the Hinsdale Police Department established a prescription drug disposal box for the safe and anonymous disposal of medications.  You can access this box during business hours and do not need to provide any information about yourself or the medications that you are disposing of.  All medications are collected and destroyed by the Hinsdale Police Department at no cost to the community and with no restrictions on providing personal information.  There are limitations on what can be disposed and items that cannot be placed in our prescription box include;

1. Needles, syringes, or lancets
2. Thermometers, batteries or other products which contain mercury or cadmium.
3. Medical waste items such as IV bags, used bandages, gowns, or biohazardous items.
4. Aerosol cans
5. Hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectants
6. Personal care products (non-medicated shampoo, sunscreen, etc)

For more information please visit the Monadnock Voices for Prevention MVP or the US Department of Justice USDOJ.  You can also obtain valuable information from How to Dispose of Unused Medicines

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