Fraud Alert


Recently we have received numerous complaints from victims that have been scammed out of money.  We have seen everything from computer fraud to telephone fraud/scams.  Many of these crimes happen from all over the world and investigating them can be challenging.  Even when we do identify a location of where these people live it is often extremely challenging to build a case and bring them to justice. 

When you fall for the telephone scammer from

  • The IRS
  • The free government grant/loan
  • The free cruise/vacation
  • Window’s Tech Support
  • Fake debt collectors/aged out debt
  • Threats of being arrested
  • Fake charities
  • Your family member has been arrested in a foreign country and needs bail money

YOU give them your MONEY FOR FREE.

We cannot stress enough……DO NOT give your personal, bank accounts or credit card information to an unsolicited caller. iTUNES, Gamestop, or any other gift card is not an accepted form of payment to the government. These folks are sophisticated. They have separated many smart people from their money.  

When in doubt, give us a shout! We would rather you keep your money than to call us after the fact.

The best present you could give to yourself this season is to heed this advice and to SHARE THIS INFORMATION with everyone you know.  If you know your loved ones or friends do not use social media, please pass this onto them.  It breaks our heart to see our elderly community scammed by bad people from all over the world. 

Please visit our website at and visit the web links to educate yourself on how to best protect your identity.


Dedication of New Police Facility

In the fall of 2012 a great opportunity came before the town when the Major’s approached the town with an offer to donate their buildings and land to the town. In December of 2012 the town held a public hearing and accepted the donation from the Majors. It cannot be stated clearly enough that without this donation the desire of the town and need for a new facility to be on Main Street would not have come true. We have recognized this by placing an engraved granite bench in recognition of the Major’s land contribution in front of the building. We thank them for their generous donation and making this facility a reality.


In March of 2013 the taxpayers of the Town spoke loud and clear voting to approve the construction of a new police facility on the Major property.

Throughout 2013 the town officials worked tirelessly to purchase the property of 12 Main Street and address boundary issues and prepare the legal paperwork to begin with the demolition and construction process.



I would also like to make a special thank you to all of the highway and water department crews for their help. They have been instrumental in helping us make this building a success and their hard work has saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

In 2001 the Hinsdale Police Department was faced with the need to hire a new Chief and leader. After a lengthy process we were blessed with the hiring of Chief Wayne Gallagher. Over the next 11 years Chief Gallagher took our police department to a new level and made us a benchmark agency in many areas. He is an outstanding leader, mentor, teacher, friend and co-worker. Chief Gallagher brought out the best in us, encouraged us to take on new roles, trusted our abilities and made them better.

On a personal note I can say that he became someone I have immense respect and admiration for and my career and success would not have been possible if it was not for him personally mentoring me and our friendship.

Over 6 years ago Chief Gallagher also had a dream to move us into a new police station. He designed the building, worked hard to come up with out of the box ideas and did what he could to push for this building. In April of 2012 he retired as our Chief having not completed his final dream of leaving us with a new building.

Well, 8 short months later his dream became a reality. Chief Gallagher did not abandoned us though and right up until a few weeks ago he and I spent many hours building lockers and working inside of his building.

In recognition of Chief Gallagher’s outstanding leadership it is with great honor that I dedicate this facility to Chief Wayne Gallagher. We have created a commemorative plaque that will be displayed in our front lobby for all to see when they come to visit us.

Wayne…. thank you for all you have done for us and this will always be your building and you will always be our Chief.

Listen to the WTSA Press Release for this dedication –

New Police Department is Open!

The Hinsdale Police Department is pleased to report that our new police facility is open. We will be having an open house on December 5, 2015 between 9:00 AM and 5 PM.  There will be comments and a dedication ceremony beginning at 10:00 AM. To everyone who helped make this new facility a reality we all cannot thank you enough for your support.

Chief Todd Faulkner