Medical/Mental Health/Disabilities/Vital Information Assistance

In an effort to better serve the community the Hinsdale Police Department has established a program that allows any citizen to provide information regarding themselves or a loved one so that we can be better prepared to assist in the event of an emergency or effectively deal with a person that may be suffering from a mental health or medical condition.  It is our mission to provide the best possible service to our community and we can only do so with your help. 

If you have someone that has special needs I encourage you to complete a Medical/Mental Health/Registration Form Form.  This information is confidential, but will be entered into our database system as an alert that can be relayed to a responding officer(s). 

As you will see this form is detailed and provides us with specific information to best understand and respond accordingly to a situation.  We will also utilize this information in the event of a long term power outage or disaster so that we can send appropriate services to check on your or your loved one. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,

Chief Melissa Evans

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